Greeting from Virginia Energy!

Virginia Energy is here not just to keep you informed of the ideas you have to know. We also see to it that we keep you updated with events regarding energy awareness. Check out the activities we have for you.

Energy Annual Escapade

It is the annual event that showcases the different innovations of the people that can help us conserve energy. If you want to understand the things that can help you at home, join the exciting event of the year.

Energy Awareness Convention

If you want to learn more insights from different people around the world, you can join the convention and get all the knowledge you need. There will be a lot of speakers that will join the event to make sure that it will be beneficial for the people.

Energy Conservation Week

It is the event that is focused on the conservation of energy. It doesn’t matter if what you need is to save energy when at home or work, you can find all the tips and tricks in this week-long event.

There will be more events updated every week. If you have any inquiries about the events, send us your questions at